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The LZE GmbH serves as a link between research and industry, providing companies with straightforward access to the latest technologies in the form of tangible products and services. As a fabless semiconductor manufacturer, it introduces the patented HallinOne® technology from the Fraunhofer IIS to the market with the Dual 3D magnetic field sensor FH3D02. This highly precise sensor enables the measurement of magnetic field components in three dimensions and is suitable for contactless applications in industries such as automotive and more. The FH3D02 sensor is already being used in various large-scale applications, including the white goods industry.

To make this technology accessible to a broader audience, LZE GmbH has entered into a strategic partnership with us.

Together, we are planning the introduction of additional products from the HallinOne® family.

Products by LZE GmbH

FH3D02 – Dual 3D Hall Sensor with EEPROM

FH3D04 – Software Defined Quad 3D Hall Sensor

FH3D12 – Software Defined Dual 3D Hall Sensor


Jochen Knöbel
Head of Business Development
Application Support
Hall Effect Devices & Magnets
Fon: +49 7071 9444-23