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General Informations about the new lead-free directive

The EU directive RoHS, which has been put into force on February 13th 2003 together with the electronic scrap-directive WEEE, prohibit the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, sexavalent chromium, polybromiert biphenyl (PBB) respectively polybromiert diphenylether (PBDE) at electric- and electronic device, which will be new in circulation from July 1st 2006 on.

The directive goes for all electronic-businesses in the EU, and also for those, who import to the EU.
This means for the electronic-business that in due to July 1st 2006 all electronic products have to be manufactured with lead-free technique for joining parts, in a familiar or better quality and reliability, at (as possible!) no higher costs. So the soldering processes have to be changed over in due to lead-free soldering materials. Insulating materials also have to be free from PBB and PBDE, this includes particularly the basic materials of circuit boards.

The RoHS makes specific, technical, justified exception to the lead prohibition.
The RoHS has serious consequences – except for the soldering processes – for the components, the soldering equipment and the circuit boards.

Because of the required handling times in storage- and sales area on the way to the ultimate buyer, the practical adjustment date for the production lies in most cases considerably before the qualifying date mentioned above.

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Tübingen, January 2013:
matronic statement about the European Chemical Regulation, REACH (PDF)

Allegro PFOS (Perfluroctane Sulfonate) Declaration (PDF)
Allegro REACH Declaration

Nippon Chemi-Con
Certificate of Non-use of Environmentally Concerned Substances (PDF)
NCC Confirmation PFOS for matronic (Word-Dokument)
NCC Richtlinie 2006/122/EG des europäischen Parlaments und des Rates (PDF)
NCC Restricted, Toxic and Hazardous Substances (PDF)

Kingbright Non-use Certificate (PDF)

Hier finden Sie die Stellungnahme von Matronic zu Dodd-Frank-Act / Konfliktmaterial:

Matronic Stellungnahme zur Dodd Frank Act Konfliktmaterial (PDF)


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