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Stromsensoren Allegro

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Allegro offers a unique solution for current sensing through the development of proprietary packaging that employs flip-chip technology. This technology generates excellent magnetic coupling in a core-less package design and provides up to 3000 VRMS galvanic isolation. The low-profile, small form factor packages are ideal for reducing PCB area over sense resistor op-amp or bulky current transformer configurations. The low resistance internal conductor allows for sensing up to 50 A continuous current. Allegro’s fully integrated current sensor ICs are factory programmed at end of line testing to maximize device accuracy over temperature, and providing typical output error of 1%.

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The Allegro CA and CB package current sensor ICs are fully integrated current sensor solutions. They contain the primary conductor, concentrating ferromagnetic core and the analog output Hall-effect linear in a single IC package. The conductor resistance is a typical of 100 µΩ for ultra low power loss when sensing current up to 200 A. These sensors are automotive grade devices that can take the heat and deliver highly accurate open loop current sensing in the most harsh applications environments.

The Allegro medium current devices are much smaller than bulky current transformers and have the added advantage of sensing both AC and DC currents. The package design also provides galvanic isolation to 3000 VRMS and can be used in many line side applications.

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The Allegro family of current sensor IC linear devices are customer programmable for both offset and sensitivity. The temperature coefficient of both sensitivity and zero gauss offset voltage are factory trimmed to maintain an accurate output voltage over temperature. These Hall linear ICs are packaged in a 1 mm thick KT package SIP that is often used in applications with a ferromagnetic core and are designed to sense currents above 1500 A.

The A1360 family of high bandwidth and fast response time analog output sensors are suitable for HEV inverter applications or wherever >200 A continuous currents need to be sensed in high frequency switching applications. In lower frequency applications, the output can be filtered to improve output resolution. A lower frequency device with a digital PWM output is also available and is suitable for 60 Hz applications.