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Elko Alu, Polymer, Hybrid

Elko Alu, Polymer, Hybrid

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In 1931, the first electrolytic capacitor was commercialized in Japan. That was the day that the history of CHEMI-CON started and aluminum electrolytic capacitors begun its evolution. Our brand nurtured by our customers along with the development of electronic industry is always on the cutting edge, having won the largest share of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors market in the world. Well-developed high performance product lines produced by the leading manufacturer will provide solutions best suited for various kinds of advanced equipment.

Another Number One

In order to make an ideal product, you need ideal materials. CHEMI-CON’s product development starts with basic research of capacitor materials. It is a little-known fact that CHEMI-CON leads the world in the production of aluminum electrode foil, which is the primary material determining the performance of capacitor, and provides other capacitor manufacturers as a supplier. One of the major characteristics of CHEMI-CON is that we have outstanding capacity for research and development of capacitor materials that enables high quality and reliability of products.