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  • Innovative monitoring and protection devices for low and medium voltage

Protection & control devices

Monitoring and protection devices are designed to improve or to ensure electrical safety in industrial systems.

External influences - such as dust / dirt, moisture, temperature changes, chemicals, rodents, electrical overloading or operator errors - can compromise the integrity of the system / cables and cause electrical failures.

Electrical faults have to be recognized in the initial stage so that personnel and material damage can be significantly reduced or even completely avoided.

Applications can be found in electrical equipment and systems (low and medium voltage) in many harsh industrial environments:

  • Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • pulp and paper industry
  • gravel pits / cement plants / quarries
  • Water / wastewater facilities
  • Power supply (also including alternative / renewable energy!)
  • Navy / Marine
  • Hospitals
  • Control / monitoring of pumps / motors / drives
  • and many more...


Startco is a leader in protection and control equipment for electrical safety in harsh environmental conditions (e.g. mining, petrochemical and other areas of heavy industry).
The company is based in Saskatoon and is a part of Littelfuse Inc. since 2008.

The products are used to protect equipment, facilities and their operators from injury and health risks caused by electrical faults (fault current, earth fault, etc.).

The product range includes:

  • Residual current monitoring relays (isolation monitoring, earth fault detection)
  • Monitoring devices for neutral grounding resistors
  • Motor and pump protection relays
  • Feeder protection

Selco A/S

Selco A/S develops and manufactures reliable control and protection devices for motors and generators. The company is also well-known for its arc-flash detection systems.
The company is headquartered in Denmark and belongs to Littelfuse since 2011.

The devices are designed for use in important systems and processes in marine and power generation ( On-Shore and Off-Shore ).

The product range includes:

  • Arc-flash detection systems
  • Control / monitoring devices for engines and generators (start / stop, load balancing, synchronization, speed, coolant temperature and others)
  • HMI/SCADA operator panels and control units
  • Measuring instruments for analysis / diagnosis of engine cylinders
  • DIN-rail mountable single function modules for measuring and monitoring critical process values (temperature, pressure, voltage, frequency, over / under load, imbalance, phase loss ...)

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