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Protection Relays and Controls

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Littelfuse products help protect electrical equipment used in marine, mining, petrochem and general industrial applications. We offer Littelfuse Selco generator protection, controls and alarm panels as well as Littelfuse Startco protection relays and custom power centers.

For decades, we have helped OEMs, electrical installers, design engineers and end-users select the right product for their applications. Today, Littelfuse offers a broader range of products addressing protection and control needs while still providing the same great service and support that customers have learned to expect.

Littelfuse products and services enhance the safety and productivity of electrical systems. Along with protection relays, generator controls and alarm systems,we offer current-limiting fuses to decrease Arc-Flash exposure, and fuse holders and fuse covers to reduce incidental contact and improve safety.

• Generator Control and Protection
• Engine Control and Protection
• Engine Diagnostics
• Alarm Annunciators and Indicators
• Protection Relays
• Custom Power Centers
• Fuses and Fuse Holders

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